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"Dear Students,
The aim of this study is to get the opinions of students about the issues related to our University and Institute and to make necessary improvements depending on these opinions. Your responses to the questionnaire will not be evaluated individually, will only be used for aggregated statistical applications and will not be shared with third parties. The survey takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete. Your sincere response to the questions according to your own opinions will contribute to the quality of the university environment. "
There are 12 questions in this survey.
(This question is mandatory)
Which department are you registered to?
Which degree are you registered to?
(This question is mandatory)
Which Graduate Program are you registered to?
(This question is mandatory)
What stage do you proceed?
(This question is mandatory)
I find the knowledge of the staff of the Institute relevant to registration and student procedures sufficient.
I am able to receive a quick return on any topics I consult or requests I submit to the Institute.
Institute staff are courteous.
I can find answers to my questions on the Institute's website.
I am satisfied with the time the student documents (student certificates, transcripts, etc.) are obtained from the Institute.
I am pleased with the scholarship and discount facilities of the Institute.
I think that the functioning of the institute is solution-oriented.
(This question is mandatory)
The program contributes to learning the necessary knowledge of my field and to improving myself.
The program contributes to learning the necessary knowledge of my field and to improving myself.
I recommend our university to study for someone else.
I can easily speak to my Thesis / Project advisor when I need to.
I have no difficulty in reaching my thesis / project advisor.
The Head of the Department is willing to communicate.
I can easily convey my problems related to education and training to the Head of the Department.
There are enough academic staff in our program.
The instructors give courses in their areas of expertise.
Sufficient number of courses are offered in our program.
Classes are held regularly on the specified day and time.
(This question is mandatory)
Did you request a change advisor during your graduate studies?
(This question is mandatory)

İf yes, what were the reasons for the change?

(This question is mandatory)
Indicate if you have any supported projects within the scope of your graduate thesis / project work.
(This question is mandatory)
Are you satisfied with your graduate education in general?
(This question is mandatory)
What are the problems you have encountered so far during your graduate studies?
(This question is mandatory)
Could you please share with us the 3 topics you would like to propose to improve graduate education in general?